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That of Barbadoro is a hill viticulture with a centenarian tradition, based on native vines. The vineyard is a small ecosystem in which the growth of the vine and its production are tightly tieded at the characteristics of the ground and its exposure, at the climate and the entire production system.

We cultivate in compliance with the rules of organic without using synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We also have a solar panel system that provides all the energy needed for our company.

The vine is cultivated with the bush-grown system (traditional system) and a very small part is cultivated with the espalier system.

The separated and crushed grapes ferment in steel vats at a controlled temperature for at least ten days, until the sugar residues are not transformed. The result is a unique wine, obtained from the precious grapes of Nerello Cappuccio and of Syrah.


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Our labels


The first label is dedicated to the one who started this story, Don Michelangelo.

This is Nerello Cappuccio. Its intense and lively purple color, a wine full of energy, with a bouquet full of sweet spices, notes of cocoa and almond where orange peel prevails. Fresh on the palate, with a good acidity. With the scent of blackberry, black cherry and violet.

The name of the label speaks of a land, the land of Sicily, where evening says "sÏira" and drinks "syrah".

This is a wine …

The SìiRA

The name of this wine, produced with Syrah grapes was born from the Sicilian dialectal form "sira" which literally translates into "evening", but immediately evokes the sound of the name of the grapes from which it is produced. In the evening it's the best time to taste wine, in the evening it's time to share the pleasure of being at the table and live new emotions.

The Siira is a wine obtained from a long maceration of the must with the marcs, a process that enhances all the varietal characteristics of the "Syrah".

This species of vine, planted more than 25 years ago and cultivated with the espalier system, and, more than other vines, to maintain the aromatic characteristics in warm environments such as the Sicilian, determining an excellent quality of the wine. The color of the wine is dark red, intense and tends to garnet, with the typical Syrah pigmentation: deep ink. The bouquet is characterized by intense aromas of pepper and chocolate like few other wines in the world. Sweet smell of blueberries, berries, currants, spices, tobacco, with a finish of licorice, rhubarb and cocoa. Warm, sumptuous, tannic and dense in a palate, full of expression. In the mouth is sizeable, you can perceive its bulkiness, the tannins are fine-grained and the final of plum, and chocolate-mint is unmistakable.

Couplings with food. Thanks to its spicy nature, warm and tannic nature, this wine goes well with savory and definite flavors food, like those typical of Sicilian cuisine. Temperature to serve SÏira. Serve it in a large wine glass, where it can spreads its sumptuous perfumes, at a temperature of 16-18 degrees.


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THE AGRICULTURAL COMPANY Barbadoro has always believed in the inseparable link between wine and territory, which means enhancing and creating synergies between man and his land.


Caltagirone, Sicilia

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