The history of the Barbadoro farm has its origins for three generations, when in the early 1900s grandfather Don Michele began to cultivate the land, devoting most of its land to the cultivation of the wine.

In the family millstone, which had existed since 1940, the grapes were beaten in accordance with traditional methods, thanks to which even today we obtain a wine that is produced in a modern and innovative company, thanks to its history and the experience acquired in over the years.

At present the company has 6000 plants mostly bush-grown vines, a system traditionally used in climatic zones where the presence of water is not favorable. This allows you to extrapolate a valuable fruit, even if with lower quantities but of a much higher quality. UNESCO has declared the agricultural practice of the "bush-trained vines" heritage of humanity, the first agricultural practice in the world to obtain this prestigious recognition. The rest of the plants is cultivated with the espalier system. The qualities of grapes grown are: Perricone, Nerello Cappuccio and Syrah.

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The rest of the cultivation of plants takes place with the espalier form of cultivation. The qualities of grapes grown are: Perricone, Nerello Cappuccio and Syrah.

Perricone is a red grape variety from Sicily, native to the western part of the island.The information on this uniquely Sicilian grape is recorded at the end of the nineteenth century, when the vine was reported under the synonym of Pignatello, so called for the clayey lands on which it was planted.
Barbadoro stands on a clay soil where it decides to plant such grapes to resume and conserve one of the oldest and most unique native vines of Sicily, aware of a land perfectly suited to the cultivation of this vineyard.

Nerello Cappuccio also an autochthonous vine, typical of the territory of Etna, which generally grows between 350 and 900 meters above sea level. Its cultivation, at risk of extinction, it's a bet on which we aim. In fact in 1970 it was implanted, by his father don Michelangelo, on land at an altitude of 500 meters to preserve and pass on this exclusive vine of our island.

Syrah is a red grape variety with controversial origins. A legend tells that his birth is linked to the territory of Syracuse, when the emperor Marcus Aurelius Probo imported these grapes from Egypt. When its legions stopped in Sicily, the Sirah became one of the island's reference vines. This vine is cultivated in most of the world, but Sicily is the place where it has been better valued, obtaining soft and spicy wines very requested. In our company this vine is planted in the nineties to produce an appreciated and full-bodied wine.


2021 | Diploma Women's International Trophy – Germany

2020Certificate International Orgniac Award Siira
2019 |Silver 2019 in Organic - Nerello Cappuccio - Terre Siciliane IGT 2017
Harpers Wine Stars
2018 | Asia Awards Gold, organic red Don Michelangelo 2012
2018 | Asia Awards Gold, organic red Don Michelangelo 2015
2019 | IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition, Silver 2019 in Organic Nerello Cappuccino – Terre Siciliane



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