Adherence to the "Biological" disciplinary

Organic Wine

The adhesion to the "Biological" disciplinary took place in 1996, the certification in 1999.

The Barbadoro company has always wanted to use good practices to harvest the vineyard, to be able to cultivate in compliance with the rules of organic farming, we don't use synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides; we have a solar panel system that provides all the energy necessary to carry on the company.

The winery can guarantee a quality system to grow the vineyard. All this allows the standards for sustainability certification to be soon reached.

In fact, the company does not use water resources for the cultivation of plants, enjoys a photovoltaic system and uses limited mechanical means for the cultivation of the land.

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About Us

THE AGRICULTURAL COMPANY Barbadoro has always believed in the inseparable link between wine and territory, which means enhancing and creating synergies between man and his land.


Caltagirone, Sicilia

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